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Linear Contractors Limited is a wholly owned private limited Company offering contracting services, particularly in the public and private sectors throughout Uganda. In response to market demands the Company has concentrated on developing abroad range of in house expertise specializing in the following activities:
  • Electrical Wiring and Installations
  • Security and Solar Installations
  • Information Technology
  • Communication and Air Conditioning Installations

Combined Electrical & Mechanical / Civil
Linear Contractors Limited can provide a fully combined Civil / Mechanical and Electrical service in which clients benefit from a seamless supply covering all their civil or M&E requirements.
For joint civil or mechanical and electrical projects, the company joins forces with an experienced civil or mechanical contractor. Full co-ordination of the services is jointly undertaken by Linear Contractors Limited and its long-term civil or mechanical partner, to provide a first class civil or mechanical and electrical installation. With this method Linear Contractors Limited has power to deliver multiple combined service solutions.
Two separate specialist contractors have advantages over a joint civil or mechanical and electrical company. Each company can specialize in its own right, without being stronger in a particular discipline. On electrical and civil or mechanical contracts Linear Contractors Limited takes full contractual responsibility. Day to day operations are controlled by the joint coordinating project managers based on site. A contracts manager takes overall control and visits the site when required.