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Computer Maintenance & Repair

Server Deployment, Maintenance & Repair

Network Design, Implementation & Maintenance
Advanced telecommunications and data network services are common work for Linear Contractors Limited. We have wired typical office buildings with standard configurations of data networking and we have installed and are responsible for some of the most critical, complex and confidential emergency communication systems in Uganda. whatever your business requirements, we will provide you with customized cabling that will serve your needs, while offering the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your networking system depending on your future business demands.
We also handle intercom installations, Maintenance and support of Computer Hardware, Software and Networking Solutions.
  • Repair & servicing of Computer Hardware, Network management and maintenance.
  • Design of the networks, implementation of networks including cabling, server configuration, network administration and supply of networking hardware.
  • Linear Contractors Limited also works with its network of partners and affiliates in terms of Intercom Installation and maintenance to deliver on these extensive ICT installations.

System Intergration

Data Backup and Recovery

Servailance & Alarm systems

We promise to care for the protective needs of our customers and committe to provide dependable security systems. We have developed the necessary partnerships with cutting-edge technology firms specializing in manufacturing surveillance and intrusion detection systems. Our expertise varies widely to include CCTV systems, fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, computerized access control systems, alarms, security panels, and NVR & DVR systems. We promise to offer you security solutions that are reliable, innovative, and cost effective.