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At Linear Contractors Limited, we've handled a number of projects that include Private Companies, Schools, Domestic houses,NGOs,Hotels, Banks & Hospitals. Our recent clients include; Fugo Marrah (ug) Limited, Terrace Properties, TMT Technologies, Silver Spoon School, Ebenezer Schools, Malcom Medical Center, Bethel Emma Schools, State Wide Insurance Company Limited, Green Hill Academy, UBTEB, Monaco Institute and etc.

Fugo Marrah (Ug) Limited
Linear Contractors Limited was contracted by Fugo Marrah (Ug) Limited to install Servailance Cameras at washing Bay in Muyenga. This included:
  • Configuring a DVR
  • Running powerlines for the cameras
  • Installing Night Vision Cameras
Client: Fugo Marrah Limited
Address: P. O. Box .....
Kampala - Uganda